Mizoram is a land of rolling hills, valleys, rivers and lakes, covered with verdant forests dominated by thick bamboo groves and vibrant wildlife. As many as 21 major hill ranges or peaks of different heights run through the length and breadth of the state, with plains scattered here and there. Aizawl is the capital and the largest city of Mizoram.

Mizoram is a landlocked state in North-East India whose southern part shares borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh, and northern part share domestic borders with Manipur, Assam and Tripura. The tropic of cancer runs through the state nearly at its middle.

The term Mizoram is derived from two words ‘Mizo’ (land of the Highlanders, the native inhabitants or the ‘Mizos’) and ‘Ram’ (‘land’).

Mizoram has a mild climate with climate pattern ranging from moist tropical to moist sub-tropical. With temperature crossing 30 degrees Celsius during summer and temperatures ranging from 7 to 22 °C during Winter, the region is influenced by monsoons with heavy rains from May to September and little rain during rest of the year.